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V2 Universal Moisturizer

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V2 Universal Moisturizer

$ 72.00

A moisturizer for the masses! This gentle, naturally based cream is perfect for all skin types. Reinforced with antibacterial agents and cranberry antioxidants, our Universal formula will do your skin a world of good.

A little something extra …

Created with natural goji berry, hibiscus, and cranberry, this moisturizer provides a lovely, subtle scent. Universal Moisturizer powerfully quenches and protects skin barrier without clogging pores. Ingredients from the Totara tree of New Zealand provide effective antibacterial and antioxidant-rich properties. If you’re new to V2, try this product. It’s a client-favorite, perfect for all skin types.

Why we heart-crafted this product: 

We designed this non-clogging moisturizer to be suitable for clients of our Acne Clinic. It is a common misconception that moisturizers can negatively affect acne-prone skin. All skin needs moisture, regardless of skin type! We created our Universal Moisturizer to quench & soothe even the most sensitive skin. This product leaves all skin types feeling soft and supple without being heavy or oily.

For full ingredient disclosure, please see picture of back label. Have questions about our ingredients or formulations? Email our founder, Melissa Mueller at Melissa@VisAVisA2.com.

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