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V2 Calming Toner

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V2 Calming Toner

$ 6.00

Tame surly skin with this tranquilizing toner. Formulated with antioxidant-rich green tea and boosted with botanicals, even the most distressed dermis will be left docile and dependable.

A little something extra …

This calming and hydrating toner is loaded with soothing botanicals and antioxidants. Tamarind Seed Extract is used to naturally achieve the intense moisturization of Hyaluronic Acid. In this alcohol-free, non-drying formula we used apple hydrosol to create a fresh, natural scent. Calming Toner also makes a great body tonic. Use it all over after showering for full-body hydration, especially after exfoliating!

Why we heart-crafted this product: 

Toners are a mystery to most people. One of the most common questions we get is “do I really need a toner?” In short, the answer is “YES!” But more importantly, you need the right toner. We designed all of our toners to be delivery vehicles for beneficial ingredients. Toners are applied when your skin is most vulnerable, after cleansing. A good toner targets your skin concerns, helps rebalance pH, and begins to restore your barrier after cleansing. Our Calming Toner was designed to be ultra restorative and gentle enough for every skin type.

For full ingredient disclosure, please see picture of back label. Have questions about our ingredients or formulations? Email our founder, Melissa Mueller at Melissa@VisAVisA2.com.